Expert slate and tiled roof repairs in Bristol

Due to the style and composition of slate and tiled roofs, they may move, break, or slide out of position over time. This often leads to water being let in and damage being caused. We are specialists in tiled and slate roofs, and will replace or restore damaged areas quickly and without hassle.

Our experience is second to none across Bristol and we provide affordable and fair prices, fully trained roofers working on your home and great levels of customer service.

Quality is uppermost in our minds when we complete any roofing work, so for excellent results call us today on 0117 345 9737.

Free quotes on your repairs

We’ll be more than happy to visit you at home and give you a free quote. We’ll then carry out the job with you in mind, listening to you every step of the way so you get the results you want.

Whatever the size of the job, we can help. We offer:

  • Repairs to slate & tiled roofs
  • Restoration of slate/tile roofs
  • New tiled roofs and roof tiling
  • Re-roofing with matching materials
  • Constructing new slate roofs
  • Mortar replacement on ridges

Get in touch now

We’ll take on all work quickly and efficiently and have your roof restored to its optimum condition in no time at all, so give us a call today. We have access to a huge range of different style tiles and slates and can match any style that your roofing requires. We will give you professional results every time and, of course, all work done by a roofer is fully guaranteed so why not take advantage of our free estimate today?